"BaT Auctions Presents:

Mohr Imports Monterey Collection Sale 2022.

We at Bring a Trailer will be making our annual pilgrimage to Monterey in August, and we can’t wait to be part of the Car Week’s events and activities. Once again, regular BaT seller and friend of the site Mohr Imports will be auctioning 20 vehicles as part of their 2022 Monterey Collection Sale." 



"Congrats to Adam, Steve, and the entire team. These are beautifully curated listings with stellar photography, backed up by high-quality car people. Well done, @mohrimports."  BaT commenter



"I’m enjoying watching the spectacular vehicles you are showing on BAT. The success you continue to enjoy does not surprise me in the least!! Cheers,"  Doug C.


"That was quite a bidding battle at the end, and with over 40,000 views, it appears that our community enjoyed watching this one as much as we did! If you pick it up in person, make sure to take it up the coast! @MohrImports – Thanks for listing this one with us! -BaT"

Bring a Trailer Auctions


Visits to our showroom and warehouse at 1187 Del Monte Ave. in Monterey

are by appointment. 


Contact us at 831.373.3131 or [email protected]



    Monday to Friday
    9:30am to 5pm

    Saturday and Sunday
    by appointment


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